About Us

Credit Corp Group Limited is Australia’s largest provider of responsible financial services in the credit-impaired consumer segment.

Our core business specialises in debt purchase and debt collection services. We purchase past-due consumer and small business debts from major banks, finance companies, telecommunication companies and utility providers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

We are committed to providing financial solutions delivered responsibly. We work with our customers to agree affordable repayments which improve their credit standing over time while ensuring they can remain active in the community.

At Credit Corp, we set operational standards at levels significantly above minimum legal requirements. We have a strong compliance culture supported by a control framework to ensure that we adhere to the standards we have set for ourselves. We openly engage with consumer stakeholders and regulators for ongoing feedback and assistance. This includes a long-term partnership with Kildonan Uniting Care to promote respectful engagement with consumers and the proactive recognition and management of financial hardship.

Our lending business responsibly delivers loans at market-leading fees and interest rates to a consumer segment where choices are limited. 

Credit Corp has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: CCP) since 2000 and is an established and reputable service provider. 

Our values

Our values reveal what we believe in as an organisation and is apparent in everything we do.

Discipline - Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing means having an ethical and controlled approach to everything we do.

Accountability - Making it happen

Making it happen is all about delivering the right results by taking responsibility for setting targets and measuring outcomes.

Transparency - Being open and honest

Transparency means being open and honest in all that we do, drawing attention to challenges and problems in our business, so that we can overcome them.