Services & Products


Credit Corp is Australia’s leading receivables management provider. With 2,200+ people, leading systems and an innovative approach to collection at all stages of delinquency we have the operational capacity to deliver superior results for our clients. Our impeccable record of compliance and sustainability over many decades makes us the most trusted provider in the industry. A strong balance sheet ensures that Credit Corp has the financial capacity to meet the needs of its clients, regardless of market conditions. Credit Corp is managed to put the needs of our clients for strong brand protection, superior financial outcomes and reliable service provision first.

Credit Corp offers a range of solutions:

Debt Sale

Debt sale is one of the most efficient means for dealing with credit arrears. Debt sale delivers an immediate and guaranteed cash inflow and relieves the seller of costs associated with the collection process. Credit Corp has a reputation of delivering the best prices while providing high standards of brand protection. Credit Corp is interested in all type of debt sale including but not limited to the following:

  • forward flow or one off inventory portfolios
  • from 90 – up to 2000 days in arrears
  • high risk pre-charge-off
  • current or performing
  • insolvency or Part IX
  • secured or unsecured
  • skip accounts
  • judgment accounts

Contingency / Agency Collections

We specialise in the recovery of consumer and small business debts. We will improve your collections and reduce your fixed costs, providing increased cash flow and profitability. The service offerings available include the following:

    • Early or Late Stage Agency Collection
      • Debt collection services on a commission or ‘fee for service’ basis
      • Customised workflows specific to client’s needs
      • Flexible load formats
    • Full Receivables Management
      • From 1 day in arrears
      • Different strategies based on cure or collect
      • Reduced operating expenses while maintaining or increasing returns
    • Overflow Services
      • On an as needs basis on short notice
      • Fee for service based on type of activity required

Hardship & Insolvency Management

Hardship management

  • Full service offering including hardship assessment
  • Maintenance of payment plans
  • Customised Reporting

Insolvency Management

  • Management and administration of entire insolvency life cycle from voting to management and collection of dividends

Local Government Debt Recovery 

Credit Corp, through its fully owned subsidiary Legal Force Specialist Debt Collectors, offer specialist debt collection services to local government and statutory bodies in Australia. Legal Forces's staff has combined industry experience in excess of 60 years and a thorough understanding of the Local Government Act, Civil Procedure Act and regulations. Legal Force is an approved contractor of the Local Government Procurement panel and each staff member holds a Commercial Agents Licence and a Private Inquiry Agents Licence in accordance with the Commercial & Private Inquiry Agents Act. Legal Force has been a quality assured company since 2000. Through accreditation our clients can be confident they are dealing with a reputable and professional organisation.